Payapress industrial company is a grand manufacturer of Busbar fabrication machines in the world wide. Widespread domestic and foreign usage of our products by hundreds of leading electrical panel manufactures confirms our claim. Since designing the products took years to accomplish, we guarantee the high quality of our products

Professional Busbar Fabrication Machines are designed in order to facilitate bending, punching and cutting busbars.Each type of Busbar Machine provides users with a range of functions. The most limited type which is provided with one power pack allows users to use cutting, bending and punching busbars one by one. In organizations where there is a huge pile of works should be done, therefore all three parts of busbar machine should be favorably used simultaneously, Busbar machine with three power packs should be recommended.Some options can be offered to moderate function of busbar machine; Such as Electrical metering system which is replace by handy measuring systems in punching and cutting and cause high accuracy in positioning, Rollers provide better Busbar movement as well.Busbar Bending Machine equipped with high accuracy digital bending indicator witch allows high performance bending and also in puncher, laser pointer helps finding center of holes easily. None fixed stripper plates on busbar Punching Machine as an advantage prevents fraction in dies.